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World’s Best Selling Cannabis Strains

top kush strains 2020

Top Kush strains 2020 Cannabis is a unique plant ally, one that humanity carried across oceans to other continents to spread its seed. And no cultivar represents the global blending, the combined electric energy of the fusion of places, the stretch of tall thin branches in those last moments before full flowering late in the […]

Medicinal cannabis may play a significant role during COVID-19

legit online dispensary 2020

legit online dispensary 2020. Early studies indicate that medicinal cannabis may have potential in treating the symptoms of COVID-19. COVID-19 shows no sign of slowing down just yet and vaccines are still several months away, perhaps even a year. The rush to try drugs already on the market has led to dramatic purchases by some […]

Impacts of recreational and medical cannabis legalization in Canada

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Dr Philippa Hawley tells Health Europa Quarterly about the effects of recreational legalization on medical cannabis users Buy Medical Cannabis Europe Following the broadly successful legalization of cannabis for medical use in 1999, Canada implemented legislation in 2018 permitting the recreational use of the plant and its derivatives. In an October 2020 paper titled ‘The […]

Medical cannabis research and treatment in Australia

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MCN speaks with Medical Cannabis Research Australia Director Sharlene Mavor about the state of cannabis research and treatment in Australia. Buy Weed Online Australia. Medical Cannabis Research Australia (MCRA) aims to ensure that any Australian who needs medical cannabis is able to access it, by supporting cannabis research, educating prescribers and advocating at a policy […]