World’s Best Selling Cannabis Strains

top kush strains 2020

Top Kush strains 2020 Cannabis is a unique plant ally, one that humanity carried across oceans to other continents to spread its seed. And no cultivar represents the global blending, the combined electric energy of the fusion of places, the stretch of tall thin branches in those last moments before full flowering late in the harvest season, better than Haze.

This legendary, second-generation strain represents the best of Holland and California, the two initial powerhouses responsible for creating new types of cannabis. Its hybrid progeny remains some of the most popular types of marijuana to this day. (Think Blue Dream or Super Lemon Haze.) Haze formed a fundamental building block of modern-day marijuana, and those who have smoked it say the energy provided by those early Hazes offered no ceiling to the high. Top Kush strains 2020

“The more you smoked, the higher you got. It never capped out,” cannabis breeder Harry Resin says. “There were some nights where we had a session and we probably went through like 50, 60 grams of smoking, it was a bunch of Hazes that had come out of the archive of the Dampkring Coffeeshop and literally we just kept getting higher and higher. One that cut through the other would then cut through the other. It was a remarkable feeling to see a cannabis strain that had no ceiling, or no cap.”

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