Normal people: cannabis and policy in Norway

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Ester Nafstad, Manager of Norwegian cannabis advocacy body Normal, tells MCN publication about the chapter’s goals and the need for reform of cannabis policy in Norway.

Buy weed Online Norway. Established in 1994, Normal is the Norwegian arm of international cannabis law reform campaign group NORML. Ester Nafstad, Manager of Normal, tells MCN about the chapter’s goals and the need for cannabis policy reform in Norway. Buy weed Online Norway

What are the main objectives of Normal Norge? What does Normal do to support patients and campaign for policy change?

Our objectives include monitoring the development towards legalization and decriminalization of cannabis in other countries, and participating in debate and conception of drug policy at home. In addition, we strive to act as a resource for cannabis users and work for the rights of innocent victims of punitive policies or intrusive and undemocratic government sanctions.

Some examples of what we do include:

Representing Norwegian cannabis users in parliamentary hearings;
Facilitating cannabis research – we have recently launched a report in English about the negative consequences of control in the enforcement of current Norwegian law regarding cannabis;
Publishing articles in our magazine På Høy Tid (‘It’s High Time’);
Framing different aspects of cannabis in Norwegian media;
Organizing open gatherings and presentations where local people can participate;
Working on setting up local activist groups around the country; and
Answering a steady flow of questions coming in from cannabis users.

What is the legal status of cannabis in Norway?

All recreational use of cannabis is illegal. Medical cannabis is legal, but it is still but difficult to acquire. Buy weed Online Norway

A programme of reform to Norwegian drug policy is underway; and is expected to take effect in early 2021. Once the reform, which is inspired by Portugal’s policy on drugs, is implemented, all personal use of drugs and possession of small amounts for individual use will be decriminalized. The full details of these changes are not yet ready, however.

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