Swiss cannabis market – a delicate balancing act

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Producing and selling hemp inflorescences (clusters of flowers on a stem) with a low THC content has been legal in Switzerland since 2017. However, this market has not proved to be the gold mine that some expected.

buy weed online Switzerland. Since 2011, hemp and its derivatives with a THC concentration of under 1% have no longer been considered drugs under Swiss law. buy weed online Switzerland

The boom of so-called light cannabis, however, only came about in 2017, when it became possible to produce and market the unprocessed inflorescences of this plant in Switzerland, provided the THC content was below the 1% threshold.

Many people saw an opportunity, a new Eldorado, and the number of registered producers jumped from five in early 2017 to 630 in 2018.

But over the past two years something has changed.

A visit to the field, or rather the fields, provides confirmation of this. As noted recently by the Corriere del Ticino, the green of marijuana is losing ground to the red of tomatoes on the Magadino plain in southern Switzerland.

In canton Ticino, anyone wishing to grow hemp must notify the authorities. In 2016, three such notifications were made. These increased to 12 the following year and 33 in 2018. Since then, however, there has been a downward trend. By late October 2020, there had been 24 notifications (plus another three still being processed). buy weed online Switzerland

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